Sumo Fiebre

Sumo Fiebre

Sumo Dejame En Paz

People call me through on the telephone wire They think I'm just available They think I'm for hire Leave me alone, leave me aloneYou think because I'm on the TV You can do you want to do with me? Well I tell you're wrong And I'll show you this Leave me alone, leave me alone No me llames por teléfono , no quiero saber Yo voy a la esquina, yo voy a beber Déjame en paz... Baby don't you know I'm feeling so lone Nobody's calling me on the telephone Leave me alone

Sumo Callate Mark

Well, hello Mark Well, it's dark, so darkIn your cell, right now Well hello Mark You have cold, so cold In your heart right now But in your brain There's a neon light Hot, white It's burning the hell Out of you boy It's making you see the light It will dive you insane, Mark It will do in your brain, Mark It will take you to drain, Mark Well, it's dark, dark, dark Well hello Mark You're thinking of trees And in a walkway Of the birds and the bees And I could pit you Hate you Or spit in your eyes I can think the same things Tell the same lies So, shut up Mark Shut up Well, well, wellI've found out That hero means nothing to me I've found out That hero is unlike me

Crua Chan

By the left, quick march, Crua chan! It was seven hundred and forty-five,the highland spirit had revived, Mac Dougall and Mac Donald there, the clans had come from everywhere, singing: Fee fi fo fum, I smell the blood of a Englishman, fee fi fo fum, come on London, here we come. We went all the way down south, we were frothening at the mouth, coming down to Derby town, we'd beaten everyone around, singing: Fee fi fo fum We ended at Culloden moor, feeling bad and feeling poor, the redcoats had chased us there, there we died and there we stayed, singing:Fee fi fo fum, I smell the blood of a Scotsman, fee fi fo fum, United Kingdom here we come. We the bonnie prince has gone back home, he's never gonna come back. We'll do to you at Wembley, we'll do it to you in pubs, with the Scottish louts larking about. Here come your rats, crua chan lad.

Sumo Al Repalazo

Great bats, sweet demon necks They bite my bumps, right here, how can? Great blue birds pass my eyes Show me how to die Well I know, and I see and I feel And I think, I know why Blisters swell all my skin They come right from within They are doing my soul in I've got big hopes within In the red sky I've got big loving my head I've got big love in my soul I'm doing it every nightv And I'll do it untill I'm old And I know I'm gonna be bombed And I'm laughing all the way And I know I'm gonna love you Every night or two Red skies, blue skies, dead skies Do it right, dig it, dig it James Brown, get up, get up Stay on scene like a sex machine Get up, get on up Hey baby!, what do you tell me ? What do you tell me about last night ? About the big boys ? And the big girls, and the big times And all the big lots And all the big people And all the big feet Hey, what do you know about that? Get up Stay on scene, like a loving machine

Sumo Fever / Fiebre

Everytime I see you I feel something rising inside Everytime I think of you I think of going for a rideEverytime I love you baby I love you in my mind You give me fever In the morningFever right through my mind You give me fever Bless my soul, I love you baby With a blood I cannot hide I got no more love going for nobody, baby But Jesus got you aside I want you here with me now, baby Love you 'til I die You give me fever In the morning Fever right through the night You give me fever Love 'til I'm old,girl And I'll love you You'll always be young C'mon baby, the best songs Haven't even yet been sang Fever when you touch me Fever when you hold me thight You give me feverBaby now I miss you Like a day misses the night Fever gets me going baby Fever gets me going right You know, I really miss those days And I miss those nights even moreI've got fever through my door You give me fever

Sumo Brilla Tu Luz Para Mi / Shine Your Light On Me

The grey turned into gold Just when the day was getting old "Blonde on Blonde" Dylan knewJust I was going through Shine that light on me Shine that light on me Blue skies fade away When the heat of the night hits the day King of darkness King of fearDon't try to get me You won't get near Shine that light on me Shine that light on meCome back sweetness Come back to stay You're my light inside Don't hide away Shine that light on me...

Sumo Aqui Vienen Los Blue Jeans

You've got those old blue jeans babyGod save me You've got those blue jeans baby I mean, God save me There's no more light in the sky, oh ! There's no more sun There's no more moon There's no more sea in the sea, oh ! And you know I'll find it soon Those blue jeans got me down Those blue jeans got me down Hey !, what happened there , man ? I dont know They got me down See the look in your eyes Those jeans got me and you down Everything is good Everything is wrong Everything is understood Everything is gone Those blue jeans got the best in Those blue jeans got the best out of me

Sumo No Mas Nada / No More Nothing

Blue eyes under grey skies Crazy afternoons under grey skies No more, no more nothingSay no more, no more nothing 'cos I'm going back to the moon Baby, tell me something Would you show me something ? Would you stop howling ? Howlinf at the moon ? 'cos it's coming here soon No more laughter No more tears No more million years Stand by me (as the song goes) Stand by me (as I say) I don't know when it's time to change It comes the change right now I can feel it vibrating through the ground Baby, here by me, baby, baby Climb out off the sea You're a wet fish Wet fish come Wet fish go Wet fish come And wet fish go

Sumo Cuerdas Gargantes Y Cables

I use my throat And I use my head And I'll do it, do it, do it, do it Until I'm dead Just a blue, blue train Racing through my brain But's a long runaway Trying to make me insane We use throats, strings We all use cables To live our lives That's the game boysIs about fight or die We're going on up, and up, and up Rock'n roll kings It only marginally interest me It's all the same It's all the same

Sumo Pinini Reggae

Allright Come on! Yeah.. Skip off me while you dig up here Everybody knows you're gonna be hipPinini reggae gonna make you flip Pinini reggae gonna make you sleep Pinini reggae gonna keep you up Pinini reggae gonna keep you down Pinini reggae gonna spin you down Pinini reggae gonna bring you down Don't laugh, don't cry Pinini reggae gonna kill you by and by Don't fight, don't laugh, don't cry Pinini reggae gonna get you by and by Everybody knows you're gonna go down Everybody knows you're gonna go up Pinini reggae gonna make you throw Pinini reggae gonna make you freak upEverybody all the way up Everybody all the way down Pinini reggae gonna take you here Pinini reggae gonna bring you down Don't laugh, don't cry Pinini reggae gonna get you by and by C'mon, c'mon off Pinini reggae gonna get your soul soft Everybody know Pinini reggae gonna make it snow Pinini reggae gonna make it rain Pinini reggae gonna make you come Again and again and again and again Pinini reggae gonna bring you up Pinini reggae gonna shoot you down Don't laugh, don't cry Pinini reggae gonna kill you by and by Don't laugh, don't cry Pinini reggae gonna catch you by and by

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